“I am very interested in how individuals contribute to the collective space that we call community. This idea of community can exist in a domestic setting as well as a public setting and varies both with time and place.

Working with clay, I have been creating vessels of various form and function with the intention of recording this idea of community existence into the walls of my pots. While I do use the potter’s wheel, I do not consider my work thrown, rather I pinch to create, preferring the sense of touch that is left behind by my fingers. On the exterior I use line to record my visuals observations, and then fire my work in a traditional anagama wood-kiln. The kiln itself requires a community to fire as we go for up to three or four days per firing, stoking every ten minutes or so around the clock for the whole time. The entire process is recorded in the clay, and the surface shows the record of time and experience.

I aim to create work that will be lived with; work that can exist in the home and then thus contribute to the community. Functional vessels will be used in the day-to-day routine as well as the evening potluck. Other decorative work will add depth to a space, contributing a sense of character. “